John 16:13-16

No slave can serve two masters; for a slave will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.”

The Pharisees, who were lovers of money, heard all this, and they ridiculed him. So he said to them, “You are those who justify yourselves in the sight of others; but God knows your hearts; for what is prized by human beings is an abomination in the sight of God.

“The law and the prophets were in effect until John came; since then the good news of the kingdom of God is proclaimed, and everyone tries to enter it by force.

Reflection – Wes Jeffcoat

Aha moment:  How many of us have experienced an “aha moment?”  Did you know that “aha moment” is listed in the Merriam-Webster dictionary?  The definition given is, a moment of sudden realizations, insight, recognition, or comprehension.  What a relief, pleasure, or comfort it is when we have that aha moment.  When we gain understanding, it now makes sense, or we just get it. 

In John 16:12, Jesus tells his disciples there is so much more, but they aren’t able to comprehend it all now.  But Jesus promises that there will be a time when we understand, when we get it, when we have that “aha moment.”  There are things that happen in our lives that we don’t understand, but Jesus promises, through the Spirit, the truth will be revealed to us.  In verse 13-14, the verb “will” is used five different times.  Not now, but Jesus promises that when the time is right the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth.  In verse 15, Jesus says, “the Spirit will take from me what is mine and make it known to you.” That is our “aha moment,” when through the Spirit, Jesus is completely revealed to us.  We have total understanding.  Until then we must trust in what Jesus promised. 

The old Gospel Hymn, “We Will Understand It Better By and By”, especially verse 3 and 4, acknowledges that there are things in our lives that just don’t make sense.  Things we don’t understand.  We must trust in the promise of Jesus and wait for that aha moment.

“We Will Understand It Better By and By”

We are tossed and driven
on the restless sea of time;
somber skies and howling tempests
oft succeed a bright sunshine;
in that land of perfect day,
when the mists are rolled away,
we will understand it better by and by.

By and by, when the morning comes,
when the saints of God are gathered home,
we’ll tell the story how we’ve overcome,
for we’ll understand it better by and by.

We are often destitute
of the things that life demands,
want of food and want of shelter,
thirsty hills and barren lands;
we are trusting in the Lord,
and according to God’s word,
we will understand it better by and by.


Trials dark on every hand,
and we cannot understand
all the ways of God would lead us
to that blessed promised land;
but he guides us with his eye,
and we’ll follow till we die,
for we’ll understand it better by and by.


Temptations, hidden snares
often take us unawares,
and our hearts are made to bleed
for a thoughtless word or deed;
and we wonder why the test
when we try to do our best,
but we’ll understand it better by and by.