Missions & Partnerships

As a church, we understand that we have been called to spread our experience of God’s love throughout the world through acts of service and connection to our fellow human beings. Crosscreek has a strong history of various types of mission engagement. Most calendar years, we have four organized mission trips of various duration and distance.

Throughout the year, we are also engaged in various efforts and projects closer to home.

In addition to these “hands on” trips and experiences, we also partner financially with various groups and individuals as we seek to be a part of God’s larger mission in the world.


Crosscreek partners for ministry with other Baptists and Christians in our community, our state, and the world. Through the following partnerships, Crosscreek helps express the love of God:

Crosscreek Family Services — a center for pastoral counseling housed at Crosscreek;

Alabama Cooperative Baptist Fellowship — a statewide fellowship of Baptist churches;

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship — a global fellowship of Baptist churches and missionaries;

Together for Hope, Arkansas – a ministry of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s rural poverty initiative that seeks, through Christian ministry and community development, to encourage and empower the people of Helena, Arkansas.

Global Women— an ecumenical ministry that seeks a world where every woman is empowered by the love of God, valued by her community, and equipped to fulfill her unique purpose. The ministry of Global Women (GW) is conducted worldwide in partnership with indigenous Christian women leaders and women called to serve outside their native country.

AA — six recovery groups meet throughout the week at Crosscreek.